About me

I got my diploma in International Relations and Economics and I planned to be a diplomat, but I found my real happiness in arts and crafts. I became official florist in the past few years while having a diploma inteaching as well. I have been making unique cards for the past 10 years, 4 years ago I started to make my own ceramics as well.  I do re-think and re-design stuff and I love to combine tradition with modern techniques and different contemporary styles.

My journey

All started in Ocean City, MD, December 2008.

It was really cold that evening. Despite the wind and snow, I went to the mall to buy some cards for Christmas.
The stores were crowded. You know, the craziness before the winter holidays…
Anyways, I explored the stores and I could barely find proper greeting card to be sent to my family and friends for Christmas. Actually, I was looking for something unique that I could not find however hard I searched. This was the moment when I have realized that I should create my own present.

Ten years have passed since then. My passion for designing cards kept me busy. Besides designing cards, I started to make unique decorations out of different materials: paper, ceramics, textile and of course flowers.

Now it is time to move at least one step forward….

Thank you for for joining me! I hope I can bring smile on your face!:)



What feedbacks I got so far…

” In the past I had very big problem with finding some beautiful, handmade gifts, therefore, many times I ended up buying a voucher for one of the big clothes/furniture stores, hoping it will be the most reasonable and practical gift. Things changed when I met Erika – an owner of Think Boutique, a little online shop, based in Budapest, which specializes in designing unique decorations.”

The Spoiled Queen: http://www.thespoiledqueen.com/if-you-are-tired-of-mass-production/

Hello. I like your handmade cards very much! Anna .”

Please call me or drop me a note!

+36 70 426-8968